Skyy Knox Headlines 'Sugar Shack' From Falcon Studios

SAN FRANCISCO — Skyy Knox toplines Falcon Studios‘ „Sugar Rush,“ shot on location in the Great White North by Iza Elle and Raph North.

The cast includes Clark Delgaty, Olivier Robert and Maverick Sun in their Falcon debuts alongside Kenzo Alvarez, Bruce Huxley, Enzo Muller, Nate Ross and Upton Sterling.

„Experienced syrup-making studs and curious newcomers from across the globe are seeking to satisfy their sweet cravings,“ a rep said. „Follow nine delicious men who are making their way through every step of creating the perfect batch of maple syrup — and all the sugary confections that come with it.“

The first tryst, featuring Alvarez and Sterling, is now streaming; additional episodes will roll out weekly.

„Kenzo and Upton are first tasked with collecting sap from the forest of tapped trees, but that doesn’t mean Kenzo doesn’t have time to tap Upton’s hole in the middle of the snow-covered woods,“ reads the synopsis. „Next, Skyy is teaching newbie Maverick everything he needs to know about maple syrup production, but, after watching the muscle twunk lift a few barrels, he has some other activities in mind. Another newcomer, Olivier, then takes to the great outdoors with boyfriend Clark to sample a sweet, snowy treat and every throbbing inch of his lover’s cock.“

Meanwhile, the synopsis notes, „When it comes time for the feast, Enzo lets Bruce know how impressed he is by the local’s Canadian hospitality — and the stiff dick that Bruce is concealing in his pants. Once all is said and done, Maverick takes the evening off to celebrate a marvelous sugaring season, dance the night away and have fellow sugar-maker Nate cover his naked body in some sweet, sweet syrup.“

„Sugar Shack“ is available for affiliate promotion via BuddyProfits; contact for details.

For retail/wholesale purchasing, contact John Gunderson at

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2023-06-23 16:05:00

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