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SAN FRANCISCO — Pink & White Productions has announced the availability of „Sex School: Season 1“ on its streaming platform.

„The season spans a dozen videos ranging from non-explicit educational lectures presented by adult film performers Lina Bembe, Bishop Black, Sadie Lune, Parker Marx and guests including Kali Sudhra and Feral to a hardcore blend of discussions and sex scenes,“ noted a rep.

Episodes are in English with options for closed captioning.

The production team includes series producer and studio CEO Anarella Martinez; sex coach Marta Rey; director Poppy Sanchez; and assistant director Max Kutschenreuter.

The rep cited the five pillars at the core of the „Sex School“ aesthetic: Communication, Consent, Sexual Health, Identity and „Sexy.“

„We believe there’s a world of difference in showing communication, consent, sexual health and identity mixed together in the heat of the moment when pressure, insecurities or difficult emotions are more difficult to navigate,“ reads the studio’s mission statement. „A sexually explicit, realistic depiction brings the message across in more understandable and relatable ways, putting the emphasis on how to sort out the tricky bits at the most vulnerable point of a sexual encounter.“

A spokesperson for Pink & White described „Sex School“ as „a perfect match for’s ‚edu-porn‘ collection.“

„‚Sex School‘ creates films with high production values that are aesthetically appealing, realistic and educational. It is a unique and necessary approach to sex education,“ the Pink & White rep said. „The series includes a non-explicit two-part lecture about porn lead by European adult film star Lina Bembe, inviting viewers to investigate reality verses fantasy and the ethics of porn production as well as how to watch porn with a partner or overcome shame when watching porn.“

The first season episodes are described as follows:

  • „Consent“ (non-explicit, with Sadie Lune)
  • „Sexual Health“ (non-explicit, with Parker Marx)
  • „Sexualities“ (non-explicit, with Bishop Black and Lina Bembe)
  • „BDSM“ (non-explicit, with Mareen)
  • „Squirting“ (non-explicit, with Kali Sudhra)
  • „Porn 1“ (non-explicit, with Lina Bembe)
  • „Porn 2“ (non-explicit, with Lina Bembe)
  • „Threesomes“ (explicit, with Parker Marx, Lina Bembe and Sadie Lune)
  • „Kissing“ (non-explicit, with Bishop Black, Lina Bembe, Paker Marx, Sadie Lune)
  • „Hook-ups“ (explicit, with Bishop Black and Feral)
  • „Pleasure Mapping 1“ (explicit, with Lina Bembe and Bishop Black)
  • „Pleasure Mapping 2“ (explicit, with Bishop Black and Lina Bembe)

Viewers can purchase or rent each film à la carte, or join as a PinkLabel+ member for unlimited access to the series and „over 1200 independent films and live screening events.“

Each episode is viewable a la carte; unlimited access is available through a PinkLabel+ membership.

Click here for additional details and follow „Sex School“ and on Twitter.

In related news, Pink & White and organizers of the 2021 San Francisco PornFilmFestival have announced an open call for submissions

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