Sean Xavier Self-Fellates in 3rd Scene of Falcon’s ‚Cheat Day‘

Sean Xavier Self-Fellates in 3rd Scene of Falcon's 'Cheat Day'

SAN FRANCISCO —Falcon Studios will begin streaming the third scene of “Cheat Day,” co-starring Sean Xavier and Beau Butler, on Friday.

“Cheat Day” is also currently available as a DVD and digital download.

“Loving yourself is one of life’s greatest pleasures,” said a rep, “and this Friday, Sean Xavier shows fans just how skilled he is at making himself feel good. Sean sucks his own massive cock during a poolside flip-fuck with Beau Butler under the scorching sun of Palm Springs, California.”

The movie was directed by Steve Cruz and Ben Rush from a screenplay by Rush, who described Xavier as “a stunning asset to any film project. He has outdone himself in ‘Cheat Day.’ The moment Steve Cruz and I discovered Sean’s unique oral talent, we knew it had to be a centerpiece of this scene.”

Cruz added that Xavier and Butler “set the screen on fire. Their mutual attraction and genuine chemistry are explosive, and Sean’s self-suck moment is a sight to behold. This is one for the books.”

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2023-02-15 17:44:37

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