Sean Ford Returns to CockyBoys in 'Under the Neon Sky'

NEW YORK — Sean Ford has returned to CockyBoys, opposite newcomer and studio exclusive Leo Louis, in director Raphael Massicotte’s „Under the Neon Sky.“

Ford shared the 2021 XBIZ Award for „Best Gay Sex Scene“ (with Angel Rivera) for the studio’s lockdown-themed „Lips Together — Six Feet Apart.“

Massicotte directed last year’s acclaimed „Puppy Play“ starring Louis and Edward Terrant for CockyBoys.

„Join Leo and Sean on a multi-hued date in after-hours Montreal that includes making out in a club, sexy goings-on in the men’s room, a fast-food break, getting very flirty on the subway and driving back to Leo’s place where they engage in passionate making-out on Leo’s bed,“ teased a rep.

„Eventually, Leo gets his hands on Sean, and what takes place is one of the most effortless and palpably authentic scenes the studio has ever released. Sean takes Leo’s monster cock in various compromising positions with ease and moans in ecstasy with every thrust,“ the rep continued. „Watching these two in action will give viewers the sense they are watching two young men hooking up at home after a night out with no pretense, no set ups, just unbridled chemistry.“

Producer and CockyBoys owner Jake Jaxson noted Ford and Louis are „stars — and they prove it with these performances.“

„It’s great to see Sean back in front of the CockyBoys cameras and he couldn’t have been paired with anyone better than Leo. They shine bright in this new scene directed by the uber-talented Raphael Massicotte, whose work I love,“ Jaxson said. „I especially love how he is able to get a playful sexual energy from Sean and Leo, and that kind of authentic interaction between performer and director comes from a unique kind of trust, that, in my mind, is when the collaboration leads to a special kind of pornographic sweet spot; I believe they all hit that spot.“

„I very much look forward to seeing what Raphael will do next, and I look forward to continuing to support his work,“ Jaxson added.

Find a preview for „Under the Neon Sky“ on and follow the studio on Twitter.


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