SayUncle Signs Enrique Mudu as Exclusive

MIAMI — SayUncle has signed performer Enrique Mude to a six-month exclusive contract.

Mudu has starred in seven scenes for the studio.

„Enrique Mudu is an extraordinary stud who embodies the spirit of our brand,“ said a SayUncle rep. „His talent and passion align perfectly with what we look for with our exclusive models. We are so excited to see what amazing things Enrique will bring to the SayUncle table for the next 6 months.“

Mudu enthused about his time in the industry.

„As part of the adult entertainment industry, my income and my free time are well balanced,“ he said. „I use that to do things I really like such as traveling, learning new things, and meeting new people. Also, my goal with other models is to try to create a space for all types of bodies– not just for slim, muscled, big-dicked, huge-ass dudes.“

For more information, visit SayUncle.

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2023-05-24 20:46:41

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