MIAMI — SayUncle Network has debuted six new scenes this week, featuring Dakota Lovell, Eric Deen and Aaron Allen, among others.

In the latest from Missionary Boys, „President’s Orders“ features Lovell with Sam Ledger as an officiant in the latter’s anointment ceremony.

Dick Rides this week features Rodrigo El Santo picking up Deen in “The Soccer Player.”

Dimitry Simonit stars as a soldier that’s overslept in Military Dick’s, “Alternative Morning Chores” with Sly Conan and Leonel Roussel.

In „Practical Learning“ for Doctor Tapes,  Johnny Ford stars alongside Quin Quire as doctor and student assistant practicing exam protocol.

Allen and Tony Genius star in a life drawing scene in Family Dick’s “It’s an Art Form.” After Genius’ client cancels on him, Allen offers to stand in as his nude model. Once Allen strips down, Genius doesn’t hesitate to make a move.

Finally, Lovell and Joel Someone gear up for a wrestling match in Varsity Grip’s latest scene, “Wrestling Motivation.”

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2023-04-21 22:00:34

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