SayUncle Debuts New Limited Series ‚Anomino‘

SayUncle Debuts New Limited Series 'Anomino'

MIAMI — Felix Harris, Uriel Simon and Dimitry Simonit star in „Stranger Under the Tree,“ the debut episode of SayUncle’s new limited series, Anomino.

As the scene opens, soccer practice partners Harris and Simon „stumble upon Dimitry Simonit under a tree masturbating,“ said a rep. „This leads to a passionate moment between the three of them. They find themselves on a journey of shared desires and passions despite just meeting for the first time.

„Anonimo ventures into the world of anonymous hookups and sexy cruising experiences,“ the rep continued. „Unveiling strangers coming together, the series showcases the raw passion and chemistry when two men meet for the first time to have sex with each other.“

„Stranger Under the Tree“ is streaming on SayUncle.

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2023-08-22 19:15:00

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