SayUncle Crowns Archie Paige as August’s ‚All-Star‘

SayUncle Crowns Archie Paige as August's 'All-Star'

LOS ANGELES — SayUncle Network has Archie Paige as its August All-Star, with a spotlight scene opposite Rob Quin titled „Sports Are for Men.“

As the scene opens, football fan Paige invites his friends over to watch the game. 

„Flirtatious twink Rob Quin is the first to arrive and immediately knows how to catch Archie’s attention,“ said a rep. „What follows is a daring yet passionate moment between the two men, making it a raunchy salute to Archie’s magnetic on-screen presence.“

Following the scene, Paige sits for an interview about how he got started in the industry.

„I’ve been in porn for about five months now,“ he says. „I definitely want to keep going. My favorite part about making porn is being able to meet and interact with people who you’d never be able to on a regular level. I’ve met so many amazing people that I never would have interacted with otherwise.“

„Sports Are for Men“ is streaming on SayUncle.

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2023-08-07 15:44:11

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