Sam Ledger, Christian Wilde Star in ‚Stepmentor: Eager Intern‘ From Next Door Studios

Sam Ledger, Christian Wilde Star in 'Stepmentor: Eager Intern' From Next Door Studios

LOS ANGELES — Sam Ledger and Christian Wilde star in „Stepmentor: Eager Intern“ from Alpha Studio Group production brand Next Door Studios.

Directed by Big Mike, the scene features Ledger „as an intern in stepdad Christian’s office,“ said a rep. „Sam is eager to make the most of his mentorship and impress his stepdad, whatever it takes.“

The director enthused about his co-stars.

„Working on ‘Stepmentor: Eager Intern’ with Christian and Sam was a blast,“ Big Mike said. „In more ways than one, I was stoked to be along for the ride — and Sam definitely was, too. These two studs couldn’t keep their hands off each other all day.“

Added Ledger, „It was a hot scene. I’ve never really been one for an office job, but I remember Christian smelled sweet, like cinnamon, or coffee roasting in the morning. It really got me in the mood since I’m always horny in the mornings.“

The scene is streaming on ASGMax.

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2023-11-14 19:02:27

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