Raging Stallion Drops ‚Cruising Confidential‘ on DVD, Digital Download

Raging Stallion Drops 'Cruising Confidential' on DVD, Digital Download

SAN FRANCISCO — Falcon/NakedSword studio imprint Raging Stallion has released the full version of „Cruising Confidential.“

Directed by Tony Dimarco and written by Ben Rush, the title features Ian Holms, Drew Valentino, Buck Richards, Zachary Minx, Rodrigo Amor, Luca del Rey, Derek Kage, Riley Mitchel, Alpha Wolfe and Cole Connor.

The feature follows Derek Kage as he „brings down-and-dirty cruising stories to life on his immersive and wildly descriptive ‘Cruising Confidential’ podcast.“ said a rep. 

Dimarco enthused about his screenwriter and cast.

„Working with this cast and our amazing screenwriter Ben Rush on ‘Cruising Confidential’ has been nothing but great,“ he said. „These are some of the grittiest and hottest situations Raging Stallion has released and the men brought all they had to every scene. This is definitely going to be a must-watch for every Raging fan out there.“

Falcon/NakedSword President Tim Valenti praised the title.

‚“Director Tony Dimarco and writer Ben Rush never miss,“ he said. „They killed it with both ‘RIDE OR DIE‘ and ‚Guilty As Sin,‘ so it should come as no surprise that ‘Cruising Confidential’ is another immediate hit.“

„Cruising Confidential“ is available on digital download and DVD from the Falcon/NakedSword store.

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2022-12-03 00:32:58

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