Picks Up Australian Solo Series 'Gentleman Handling'

SAN FRANCISCO — Pink and White Productions has added the Australian solo series „Gentleman Handling“ to the streaming menu on

The collection, which has been recognized by the Feminist Porn Awards, comprises over 100 short videos exploring male sexuality in „a beautiful and reverent way, often pairing intimate solo scenes with candid interviews,“ noted a rep.

„While a video archive of amateur men masturbating might sound run-of-the-mill in today’s internet porn, ‚Gentleman Handling‘ is unique in that it showcases men in an artistic and individualistic manner, posing them in a sensual studio-lit bed or often their own personal spaces in art studios, bungalows and outdoor gardens,“ the rep added. „Because the project provided men the luxury to come at their own pace and fully enjoy their pleasure, it offers an erotic sensibility to male masturbation that is intended to be enjoyed by viewers of all genders.“

The addition was timed to promotions centered on May as Masturbation Month.

„Self-pleasure is a deeply personal thing and is often glossed over or neglected in mainstream sexual media,“ explained reps from „Gentleman Handling“ in a joint statement. „We’re trying to take steps to change that.“

A third of the collection is currently streaming, with several more videos added weekly; they are available individually on-demand or with a PinkLabel Plus membership.

View the series here and follow on Twitter and Instagram.

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