Pierce Paris, JJ Knight Star in Latest Installment of Adult Time's 'Jerk Buddies'

MONTREAL — Pierce Paris and JJ Knight star in „You’re Such a Dumbass, I Swear,“ the latest episode of Adult Time series Jerk Buddies.

As the scene opens, the two friends „regale each other with stories of their latest sexual exploits when Pierce brags to JJ that he recently got together with a woman at a party and had some wild ‘airtight sex,’“ the synopsis reveals. „JJ doesn’t believe him, and pulls up a porn video that explicitly clarifies to Pierce exactly what this particular act entails. Pierce stands corrected, but now watching all this airtight porn has made him and JJ uncomfortably horny, so… a quick session of mutual masturbation wouldn’t be at all weird, right?“

„You’re Such a Dumbass, I Swear“ is streaming on Jerk-Buddies.

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2023-05-08 14:55:43

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