PeterFever Premieres New Series 'Circle Jerk of Life'

LAS VEGAS — zBUCKz and PeterFever have debuted a new comedy series, “Circle Jerk of Life.”

Directed by Guy Criss, the five-episode series stars Jessie Lee, Dane Jaxson, Sunny D and Kai Cho.

Lee plays “a kooky tycoon whose acolytes Dane Jaxson and Sunny D tempt and recruit hapless door-to-door missionary Kai Cho to their own religion of free love and erotic self-expression,” the synopsis reveals.

zBUCKz and WebMediaProz CEO Danny Zeeman said, “Aside from the fun and humorous storyline, the chemistry in this movie is off the charts. You have Sunny and Kai, who are real-life boyfriends, and then adding experienced PeterFever stars Jessie Lee and Dane Jaxson into the mix, the pairings couldn’t be hotter. Top it off with a beautiful location surrounded by autumn colors and ending with a bukkake orgy, this movie is destined to be another PeterFever classic.”

Social media director Nolan Knox added, “Kai and Sunny brought in an exciting new element to set, as a couple and individually. It was great to have Jessie return from his recent hiatus from porn. We brought back adorably sexy Dane Jaxson for his first appearance on PeterFever since his debut in ‘The SexPig Game’ series. These four worked fantastically together. Add in our superb director Guy Criss, and this ‘Circle Jerk of Life’ really comes to, well, life.”

Director Criss praised the talent and synergy of his four-member cast.

“With Jessie adding professionalism and experience to the excitement of our other three recent models, this shoot was smooth and fun, and the final product reflects that close chemistry,“ he said.

The series is streaming on PeterFever. – Gay

2023-11-10 17:32:00

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