Noah White, Adam Snow Co-Star in Carnal Media's 'The Professor'

MINNEAPOLIS —Noah White and Adam Snow co-star in the first scene of “The Professor,” the new family taboo release by Carnal Media.

In the “Tape 1: Opening Up,” White plays a young man who has always been in awe of Professor Snow.

“His incredible intelligence, drive and talent have been obvious to him his whole life,” a rep explained. “Since the Professor’s divorce from his wife, Noah has wanted to make the effort to get to know him better — in a variety of different ways. Seems that the newly single Professor Snow has expanded his sexual interests to include an impressive collection of toys, and Noah has taken to exploring these well-hidden items without his permission. After learning this bit of knowledge, the Professor decides that there’s no time like the present to offer a much-needed lesson in obedience.”

Noah White and Adam Snow “are perfection in this brand-new scene about discovery, in more ways than one,” said Carnal Media CEO/Founder Legrand Wolf of the duo’s debut pairing. “Fans of taboo scenes highlighting older/younger encounters will enjoy ‘Opening Up’ to ‘The Professor.’”

“Tape 1: Opening Up” is available now at and on the streaming network. – Gay

2023-03-17 15:50:51

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