Nico Coopa, Ryder Owens Star in 'Door's Unlocked' for Next Door Studios

LOS ANGELES — Next Door Studios exclusives Nico Coopa and Ryder Owens star in „Door’s Unlocked.“

Coopa plays a married man looking to blow off some steam who engages in some sleazy motel action with Owens.

„What a totally sexy scene this was to be a part of,“ Coopa enthused. „I’ve had the pleasure of amazing chemistry with my scene partners before but the energy between Ryder and me was so intense and immediate. Such a sultry man. It’s hard to be in his presence and not immediately want to sneak away together to the nearest dark corner. I think it was lucky for us that ‘Door’s Unlocked’ is so sex focused because when Ryder and I are together we can barely keep our hands off of each other.“

Owens returned Coopa’s praise.

„Nico is so sexy,“ he said. „When I got to set and saw him I was so ready to rip our clothes off. This was my all time hottest sex on set and would gladly take him any day.“

Jeremy Babcock, CCO of Next Door parent company Alpha Studio Group, raved about the two co-stars.

„We’ve really been looking forward to this matchup for a while now,“ he said. „Two of our most popular rising stars of the last couple years are finally together, and the result is awesome. The Raw hotel room is a great place to just let loose sexually, and these two both deliver.“

„Door’s Unlocked“ is streaming on NextDoorStudios.

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2023-05-31 20:42:00

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