Nico Coopa, Jack Bailey Star in Next Door Films‘ ‚Writer’s Block‘

Nico Coopa, Jack Bailey Star in Next Door Films' 'Writer's Block'

LOS ANGELES — Alpha Studio Group has released “Writer’s Block,” its fourth scene under the new Next Door Films brand.

Next Door Films, a rep said, “continues to deliver on its promise to bring premium content with a focus on realistic storytelling and higher production value. Writer Dalton King continues his authentic story driven plotlines in the newest offering from Next Door Films.”

In “Writer’s Block,” studious author Nico Coopa finds refuge at his friend’s hillside retreat. “Will the new environment distract Nico, or will he find inspiration — and maybe more — from young Jack Bailey? How are you supposed to write about life, unless you live it?” the rep added.

Director Walden Woods described “Writer’s Block” as one of the projects he “had the most fun directing. With Nico leading the charge and Jack Bailey being the best distraction ever, we all came together to create a blockbuster. Brandon Anderson did a great job as the innocent guy on the side.”

Nico Coopa said the project was “just a delight to work on and the best written piece I’ve been a part of with Next Door Films. I don’t think I need to expound on the appeal of working with Jack Bailey, premier twink fantasy and absolute sex machine. It was so much fun playing off each other in these roles, and for as much as I loved the script, the sex was a real highlight of my generally horny existence.”

Jack Bailey said “Writer’s Block” was “the most romantic Next Door scene I’ve ever been in. Nico and I had amazing chemistry and it’s definitely a must see!”

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