NakedSword Releases Trailer for ‚The Swords: Final Cut‘

NakedSword Releases Trailer for 'The Swords: Final Cut'

SAN FRANCISCO — NakedSword has released a trailer for „Final Cut,“ the conclusion to the studio’s multi-part spy saga „The Swords.“

Directed by Marc MacNamara, the feature stars studio exclusive Cole Connor along with Reese Rideout, Sean Xavier, Roman Todd, Danny Starr, Sage Roux, Sean Zevran and Andrew Stark.

„The ultimate showdown between good and evil is at the center of ‚The Swords: Final Cut,‘ a high-octane thrill-ride that pushes the physical limits and sexual boundaries of an all-star cast,“ said a rep. „In this final installment of the multi-part saga, the agents are forced into hiding deep inside a desolate desert cave when their real identities become dangerously public. It’s not long until their hideout is discovered, and a sinister plan to eliminate them is set into motion. Will The Swords endure their deadliest mission yet? If there’s even a chance, it’ll take everything they’ve got — and perhaps a secret, game-changing weapon from the past — to survive another day.“

MacNamara enthused about Stark joining the cast.

„I’ve had the most fun making ‚The Swords‘ series so, to end it, I wanted to bring back someone who made a great impact on me early in my career — Andrew Stark,“ he said. „When I sent Andrew the script for ‚Final Cut,‘ he was immediately in. This is his first movie back, and he brought the energy and performance that’s been pent up for years.“

The first scene, starring Rideout and Todd, premieres Aug. 2 on NakedSword.

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2023-07-26 16:50:37

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