NakedSword Debuts Tropical Island Thriller ‚Get.Away.‘

NakedSword Debuts Tropical Island Thriller 'Get.Away.'

SAN FRANCISCO — NakedSword Originals has released director Marc MacNamara’s tropical island thriller „Get.Away.“ featuring studio exclusives Beau Butler and Reign alongside reigning XBIZ „Gay Performer of the Year“ Michael Boston.

The cast also includes Damien Crosse, Ricky Roman and Diego Sans.

„Boyfriends Diego and Beau are joined by best friend Michael for a perfect tropical vacation,“ teased a rep. „The luxurious resort has lured them in with the promise of pristine, tree-lined beaches where the clear, teal-tinted waters meet the sand. Online reviews are glowing, so what could go wrong?“

„After the sexy trio land on the island they quickly begin to see that nothing is what it seems,“ the rep continued. „On the way to the house, they see two studs (Roman, Reign) in the middle of the street hitching a ride, and soon the mystery, mayhem and action begin to unfold. The friends quickly realize they are in some sort of twisted game — but whose? Will they ‘Get.Away.’ in time before the sun sets on their dream vacation?“

MacNamara noted he was „born and raised an island boy so I am ecstatic to bring viewers into my comfort zone.“

„The filming locations are striking but treacherous so for this reason alone, we had zero crew members besides me and Diego, who stars in the film,“ he added. „‚Get.Away.‘ is me in my element with stunning shark-infested waters, adventure and beautiful sweat-glazed men. It is a thrill ride that I hope the audience has as much fun guessing what will happen next as I did making it.“

Falcon/NakedSword President Tim Valenti added, „‚Get.Away.‘ is one of our most-watched films and one of the best sexual thrillers I’ve ever seen. The cast is stunning and Marc really went there with the locations and amazing underwater shots. This is going to go down as one of the best movies of 2022.“

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