Modern-Day Sins Drops New Episode of 'Mad Fuckers'

MONTREAL — Adam Awbride, Harley Xavier and Chris Damned star in „Your Holes Are Both Mine,“ the latest episode of Modern-Day Sins series Mad Fuckers.

As the scene opens, Awbride and Xavier „are going through a rough patch in their relationship — seems neither is satisfied in the bedroom since they both prefer to bottom,“ the synopsis reveals. „During their heart-to-heart talk, they discuss inviting a third man into their bedroom to top them so that they both get what they need. Adam suggests Chris Damned, a local club bartender, and Harley agrees to ask him.“

Modern-Day Sins showrunner 3X West enthused about the scene.

„This one’s a scorcher truly worthy of the Mad Fuckers name,“ West said. „Chris plays his role as the aggressive top perfectly, and bottoms Harley and Adam match his energy at every turn. Chris brings out the best in both of them as he makes the two twinks kiss, whimper, and submit to his every whim as he makes them his personal playthings for the day.“

„Your Holes Are Both Mine“ is streaming on ModernDaySins.

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2023-07-17 14:35:57

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