Max Konnor, Angel Rivera Escape to Fire Island for CockyBoys

Max Konnor, Angel Rivera Escape to Fire Island for CockyBoys

NEW YORK — Rising newcomer Angel Rivera enjoys an intimate assignation with Max Konnor, the recently crowned XBIZ winner for Best Male Cam Model, who also directs, in a member-exclusive scene for CockyBoys.

„Join Angel and Max as they escape the confines of New York City for the joyous sexual freedom of Fire Island,“ reads the promo text. „Angel and Max had met before but real-world circumstances postponed their filming together. Now months later, they explain that there have been profound personal and professional changes and as a result they make the kind of scene they want which reflects those changes.“

Once they reach Fire Island, the men „find common traits and they enjoy each other’s company, leading to them getting playfully sexual in the pool,“ the promo text continues. „Angel doesn’t even try to resist deep-sucking Max’s cock just as Max can’t help but kiss him with sensual passion. That’s all Angel needs to join Max in the outdoor shower, drop to his knees and suck him with enthused lust.“

As their lovemaking proceeds, „Max responds with soulful kisses but his hungry mouth and tongue are also drawn to Angel’s succulent hole for an acrobatic rimjob on a nearby bench. Soon though the guys wordlessly agree it’s time for the inevitable. Max slides in his cock and fucks Angel who is positioned just right to ride him, too.“

The men continue to explore each other’s bodies as their passion reaches a sticky climax, leaving them both „slightly giddy“ and eager to continue their vacation together.

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In related news, Rivera, a newly signed CockyBoys exclusive, recently toplined „Lips Together: 6 Feet Apart“ with Sean Ford.

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