Luxxxe Studios Wraps Production on 1st Season of ‚Friends in Heat‘

Luxxxe Studios Wraps Production on 1st Season of 'Friends in Heat'

LOS ANGELES — Luxxxe Studios has finished filming the final season one scene of the company’s debut series, „Friends in Heat.“

The scene, directed by Jasun Mark, stars series lead Justin Yurmouth alongside Aaron Trainer.

„I’m delighted to have for this particular scene of the series dear friend and award-winning performer Aaron Trainer portray the role of Todd Ramsey which was a fun role that was not only suitable but was made for him to play,“ said Luxxxe founder and CEO JD Daniels. „Both Aaron and Justin hit it off in the scene with flying colors as this scene was an amazing and unforgettable experience and marked by the cast and crew as all time favorite being of the intense passion, performance, the look and feel of the set, and sexual tension both performers have had for each other for quite sometime to film together, and I’m glad that long waited tension and passion was expressed and captivated here in the ‚Friends in Heat‘ series.“

Trainer also enthused about the scene.

„Super excited to be a part of Luxxxe Studios production of ‚Friends In Heat,“ he said. „Working with old and new friends makes it so easy that it doesn’t seem like work. The level of professionalism is unmeasurable.“

The series premieres Oct. 25 with the first episode, „A Blast From the Past.“

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2022-10-25 15:18:34

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