Luxxxe Studios Releases Episode 2 of ‚Friends in Heat‘

Luxxxe Studios Releases Episode 2 of 'Friends in Heat'

LOS ANGELES — Luxxxe Studios has released the second episode of its new series Friends in Heat, titled „Client Privilege.“

Directed by Jasun Mark, the scene stars exclusive Justin Yurmouth along with Brian Bonds and Matteo Nevaeh.

„In this high energized episode of the series, millionaire tycoon and entrepreneur Jonas Donovan (Nevaeh) is looking to enhance his millions and financial future by taking on a new financial advisor,“ said a rep.

Studio honcho JD Daniels enthused about the scene.

„I’m very confident that fans are going to get a thrill out of Brian and Matteo’s chart-topping performance,“ he said. „Both of these sexy men not only rock the house down with their performance throughout the scene, but what happens towards the end of the episode with lead character Jake Carmichael (Yurmouth) catching them in the act is nothing but priceless.“

„Client Privilege“ is streaming on AEBN.

For more information, visit LuxxxeStudios and follow the company on Twitter. – Gay

2023-07-01 00:47:35

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