Lobo Carreira Toplines ‚Well Bred‘ in Raging Stallion Debut

Lobo Carreira Toplines 'Well Bred' in Raging Stallion Debut

SAN FRANCISCO — Lobo Carreira headlines the first scene from new feature „Well Bred“ in his debut for Falcon/NakedSword studio brand Raging Stallion.

The reality star of Bravo’s „Below Deck“ series is featured alongside Alex Ink and Justin Jett, also making their Raging Stallion debuts.

Directed by Tony Dimarco, the scene opens with landscaper Jett „measuring out the backyard of Lobo Carreira and Alex Ink’s home, when he looks through the couple’s sliding glass door and becomes distracted by the sight of them swallowing dick in their kitchen,“ the synopsis reveals.

Carreira enthused about the scene.

„I couldn’t have asked for a better Raging Stallion debut,“ he said. „What could be hotter than a threesome with Alex Ink and Justin Jett?“

Dimarco praised his star.

„It’s been obvious to Bravo audiences that Lobo Carreira is an intriguing personality, and now Raging Stallion fans have the opportunity to go even deeper with the reality star stud,“ he said. 

The scene drops tomorrow on RagingStallion; The full feature premieres May 5 in the Falcon/NakedSword store.

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2023-04-27 14:40:54

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