LOS ANGELES — Lance Charger and Will Tantra co-wrote, produced and star in „Daddy Fantasies,“ a new limited series for OnlyFans and JustFor.fans that explores and examines the „daddy“ archetype.

Costars include Badkid, Barret Dean, Apollo Fates, Max Lorde and trans male star Ari Koyote.

Charger entered the adult industry in June 2020 after a 25-year career in the entertainment and beauty industries as a creative director, brand marketing director and publicist developing creative and marketing campaigns for top actors and brands.

During his first year in front of the camera, however, Charger quickly realized „there was something missing.“

„After all of these years of managing talent, producing, writing and directing marketing campaigns, spots and infomercials, it felt great to be in front of the camera, but I was missing that holistic overview one gets when they’re at the helm of a project shepherding it along from conception to completion,“ he told XBIZ. „So when Will approached me with the idea to film a series, I jumped at the chance and dug in.“

Besides writing and producing the series with Tantra, he „oversaw the music and graphics and co-directed each scene with industry veteran videographer, editor and director Norbert Szeman.“

Tantra noted Szeman was their first choice when conceiving the project.

„We have both worked with him regularly and know how methodical his approach is to shooting content. We discussed the scripts in detail, planned blocking and framing for every shot and as Norbert was doing all of the multi-camera work, he had pretty solid ideas of how he wanted the scenes shot in order to ensure our post-production efforts were more efficient,“ said Tantra.

Tantra has performed in adult since 1995 and works as a sex and intimacy coach, naked yoga instructor and massage therapist around the world.

„Recognizing that men are getting their sex education from porn, and learning some very bad habits, Will decided to combine his teachings with demonstrations and scenes that he releases on his Tantric Fitness subscription pages,“ a rep noted. „He is known for his practical approach to sex education and for providing men with easy-to-follow techniques.“

The goal for the series, Tantra explained, was to „explore some of the real fantasies that younger guys have around ‚daddies.‘ We wanted to tackle a little bit of everything, from light to dark to taboo. We feel these five scenes — ‚The Lesson,‘ starring Lorde, was a solo project for Charger — cover a lot of that ground.“

„And we have additional fantasies we can continue to explore,“ he added.

Each of the scenes — titled „The Abduction,“ „The Houseboy,“ „BDSM,“ „4-Hand Massage“ and „The Lesson“ — are currently being previewed on Twitter, said the rep, and will begin rolling out on OnlyFans and JustFor.fans on August 25.

Follow Lance Charger and Will Tantra on Twitter for additional details.

Lance Charger, Will Tantra

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