Contact Touts Official Podcast ‚The Naked Truth‘ Touts Official Podcast 'The Naked Truth'

LOS ANGELES — (JFF) has wrapped production on the first season of its official podcast, #TheNakedTruth, with Season Two ready to launch in May.

The eight-episode inaugural season, hosted by JFF Director of Events Anthony John and „On the Rocks“ radio host Alexander Rodriguez, is described by a rep as „raw and uncensored adult chat,“ including „wild sex tips, industry trends, expert advice and ‚Sexy Strip Trivia'“ with notable JFF content creators.

The rep noted #TheNakedTruth was named among the Top 5 LGBTQ Podcasts by GED Magazine and placed on the Top 100 global charts by Apple Podcasts in the „Sexuality“ category.

The Season One guests included:

  • Episode 1: Cade Maddox & Devin Franco
  • Episode 2: Ricky Roman & JJ Knight
  • Episode 3: Madame Margherite & Eddy CeeTee
  • Episode 4: Zario Travezz & Teddy Bear
  • Episode 5: Ari Koyote & Dakota Payne
  • Episode 6: Adam Russo & Jack Andy
  • Episode 7: Ray Diesel & Cesar Xes
  • Episode 8: Jeremy Lucido & Stevie Trixx

“Our goal was to promote the unique personalities that make the JFF brand so special, but the show has become so much more,“ said John. „It’s taken on a life of its own as a thoughtful, often hilarious safe space to discuss our dreams, desires, daily lives and what ultimately makes us tick.“

„We’re so proud of this show and urge our fellow JFF members to tune in and join in the fun,“ he added.

Find the show online and on Amazon, Apple Podcasts, Audible, iHeartRadio and other major podcast platforms. Follow JFF on Twitter for the latest updates.

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