JustFor.fans Announces Spring Conference, 5th Anniversary Party in Palm Springs

LOS ANGELES — JustFor.fans (JFF) will hold a private conference and anniversary party in Palm Springs March 21-23, 2023, to celebrate the platform’s fifth year in business.

The exclusive event is open to verified JFF models who confirm their invitation on the JustFor.fans RSVP page.

The event series includes a Model-Only Party on Tuesday, March 21; the second annual JFF Conference on Wednesday, March 22; and an Underwear Party on Wednesday night, March 22.

The Model-Only Party will features an open bar, dancing and a variety of secluded areas to film in. Afterwards, the party will head to another location offering various filming locations. Buses will be available to shuttle models safely between the two locales.

The 2nd Annual JFF Conference will provide an opportunity for models to “network and share their best practices, ideas and support to help each other succeed,” a rep explained.

JFF founder/President Dominic Ford said, “At our last conference, we discussed four main topics and asked three or four people to be on the panels for an informal conversation in a ‘round table’ format, and everyone could talk and answer questions. This isn’t just about listening to the panelists talk — this was the highlight of everyone’s week.”

The post-conference finale Underwear Party will offer free drinks for JFF models and a chance to meet fans and celebrate.

Ford is currently looking for panelists, speakers and topics for the conference. Interested parties are encouraged to contact the organizers via JFF’s Twitter support page to inquire about participation opportunities.

“At our first conference the topics were ‘Social Media Best Practices,’ ‘Social/Mental/Sexual Health,’ ‘Selling Fetish: Best Practices’ and ‘The Future of JFF and Fan Sites,’” Ford noted, “so we will be looking for subjects to discuss in a similar vein. We look forward to hearing some inspiring new thoughts and ideas.”

Further details on the event’s location, discounted room rates at JFF’s host hotel and the preliminary agenda are now available on JustFor.fans.

For more information, follow JFF on Twitter.


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