Jake Nicola, Austin Avery Enjoy ‚Dirty 30 Party‘ for Raging Stallion

Jake Nicola, Austin Avery Enjoy 'Dirty 30 Party' for Raging Stallion

SAN FRANCISCO — Jake Nicola and Austin Avery anchor the first scene from forthcoming release „Dirty 30 Bareback Birthday“ from Raging Stallion Studios and director Tony Dimarco. The hookup goes live Friday.

As the action opens, „Austin wants to break away from a crowded birthday orgy and grabs stripper Jake to go somewhere a little more private,“ teased a rep. „Already out of his ‚Sexy Cop‘ costume, Jake shoves his face between Austin’s cheeks as the partygoer begs him to fill his ass. More than happy to satisfy his boy, the bearded top slides every inch of his meat into Austin’s wet hole. The bottom’s bubble butt jiggles and his moans progressively get louder with each thrust from the hairy top.“

Dimarco praised the erotic scenario.

„Sometimes the party is too wild and you want the hottest guy in the room all to yourself,“ he said. „That’s what this scene is all about. Austin sees his opportunity with Jake, and he takes it.“

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