Jack Bailey Gets 'Retaliation' in Finale of Disruptive Films' 'A Virgin No More'

MONTREAL — Jack Bailey and Trevor Harris get revenge on Dale Savage in the third and final installment of the „A Virgin No More“ series from Disruptive Films.

„A Virgin No More: Retaliation“ opens with Toby (Bailey) and his roommate (Harris) paying a visit to Uncle Carl (Savage), with whom they’re „looking to settle a score,“ said a rep. „Everyone wants to see Uncle Carl get what he deserves.“

Walden Woods, director of all three chapters, exclaimed, „‚Virgin No More‘ has been one of my favorite stories to tell from start to finish.“

„I am very proud of what each one of them brought to the table; between Uncle Carl and the innocent Toby, we were able to create a world around them that really led us to some intense storylines,“ he added.

Bailey echoed Woods‘ enthusiasm.

„I’ll say I thought the ending of the scene was perfect; it’s exactly what Uncle Carl deserved,“ he said. „I feel like Toby finally got justice, and it was a great ending to a trilogy of scenes.“

„A Virgin No More: Retaliation“ is streaming on DisruptiveFilms.

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2022-11-30 16:23:51

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