HotHouse Releases 1st Scene From 'Get Funk'd' Starring Trevor Brooks

SAN FRANCISCO — Falcon/NakedSword is teasing the upcoming release of studio imprint HotHouse’s „Get Funk’d“ with the online debut of the first scene, featuring exclusive Reign and Trevor Brooks in his Falcon/NakedSword debut.

„Get Funk’d“ was co-directed by Trenton Ducati and Ryan Brian.

The action is set „in the blazing summer of 1975,“ said a rep. „Reign and Trevor Brooks arrive at their weekend vacation spot, immediately ditch their bags, and get into each other’s shorts. Trevor doesn’t waste any time as he drops to his knees and starts servicing Reign’s curved cock on the living room couch.“

Ducati praised the performers.

„The second we saw Exclusive Reign with Hot House newcomer Trevor Brooks, we knew we had to make this the opening to ‘Get Funk’d,'“ he said. „Their raw chemistry is going to make this the scene that people are talking about for the rest of the year.“

The scene will be available tomorrow on HotHouse; the full title premieres later this week.

Follow Brooks on Twitter. – Gay

2022-11-03 18:43:15

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