Euro-Studs Bastian Karim, Diego Reyes Make NakedSword Debut

Euro-Studs Bastian Karim, Diego Reyes Make NakedSword Debut

BARCELONA — Euro-studs Bastian Karim and Diego Reyes have made their NakedSword debut under the direction of Marc MacNamara.

Their sexplay, shot on location in Barcelona, was filmed earlier this year when MacNamara was in production on the forthcoming features „The Swords“ and „Islas Canarias“ and is described as „a rare one-off scene“ from the studio.

However, added the rep, NakedSword has decided to continue shooting special standalone scenes when they find the right mix of talent and locations.

The action opens inside an actual Barcelona sex club, where musclebound Reyes is being orally worshipped by Karim; the latter even suspends himself midair to enable himself to suck off the stud below him. They move to a staircase as the action heats up, leading Reyes to blast „an overwhelming waterfall“ of seed.

„This scene is somewhat of a departure for us being that it’s not a part of a series, but it’s something we are going to do more of,“ noted Falcon/NakedSword president Tim Valenti. „We want to bring our members the best new and superstar model pairings, even if they aren’t a part of a larger series we filmed. Look out for some great new pairings and new faces on NakedSword in the coming months.“

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