DeAngelo Jackson Headlines ‚Sexual Favors 2‘ for Noir Male

DeAngelo Jackson Headlines 'Sexual Favors 2' for Noir Male

MONTREAL — Contract star DeAngelo Jackson toplines „Sexual Favors 2“ for Noir Male and director Ricky Greenwood.

The swordsman leads a cast that includes fellow cover model Zeno Rey with Adrian Hart, Lawrence Morningstar, Dominic Pacifico and Devin Trez.

The studio, as well as Hart, Jackson, Trez and Greenwood, are all recent 2022 XBIZ Awards nominees.

„The movie explores the power of manipulation and seduction in four hardcore scenes of deep lust and passion,“ teased a rep.

The pairings include Jackson and Rey going one-on-one, followed by Trez and Hart, then Pacifico and Morningstar, and finally by Trez and Rey.

“DeAngelo brings his trademark charm and intense sexual energy to this new chapter of the series,

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