Damien Grey, Bob Knight Co-Star in Carnal Media’s ‚Taking a Break‘

Damien Grey, Bob Knight Co-Star in Carnal Media's 'Taking a Break'

MINNEAPOLIS — Damien Grey and Bob Knight co-star in Carnal Media’s new size-difference scene “Taking a Break.”

Damien loves his job working for king-size landscaper Mr. Knight . They got to know each other really well in previous scene “The Gardener’s Secret” and now they’ve taken their off-the-clock activities to a special meeting place.

Carnal Media Founder/CEO Legrand Wolf enthused, “As a fresh new addition to our roster of dynamic studio performers, Damien has brought quite a bit of excitement with his showcase series, and the fans can’t get enough of him.”

Wolf added that this power-packed duo with Bob Knight “gives fans of size difference everything they crave in its purest form.”

To watch the scene, visit – Gay

2023-06-28 18:39:26

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