Damian Night Debuts for Men.com in 'Banging the Jolly Humper'

LOS ANGELES — Damian Night stars in his first scene for Men.com, the holiday-themed „Banging the Jolly Humper,“ with Jake Preston.

As the action opens, Preston „wakes up with a boner at his in-laws’ house during the Holiday.“ said a rep. „He asks his boyfriend, played by Damian Night, for attention, but Damian doesn’t want to fool around at his parents‘ house. The unconcerned Jake goes downstairs with an obvious tent in his onesie, so Damian runs after him to try to hide it from the folks.“

Night shared his excitement about the scene.

„This scene is just awesome,“ he said. „Jake Preston was such a cutie and working with everyone on set was so fun and inviting.“

Preston echoed Night’s praise.

„Working with Damian Night and our producers was amazing,“ he said. „“It was such an easy-going work environment, very professional. This scene is perfect for the holiday spirit. I hope everyone enjoys it.“

„Banging the Jolly Humper premieres Dec. 19 on Men.com.

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2022-12-12 19:25:30

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