Cole Blue, Draven Navarro Star in 'Inner Work' From TwinkTop

MINNEAPOLIS — Cole Blue and Draven Navarro star in the 10th installment of Blue’s eponymous series, from Carnal Media studio brand TwinkTop.

Navarro plays a coach who „has worked with plenty of impressive athletes on the school’s talented team, but this was his first time drilling this handsome young twink (Blue),“ said a rep. „Cole holds quite a reputation amongst the club members as a standout ‘super jock’ — so he wasn’t quite sure what to expect in their preliminary evaluation and training session.“

Carnal CEO Legrand Wolf enthused about the scene. 

„Much like Coach Navarro building anticipation for taking Cole under his wing for their first training session, this was also Cole and Draven’s first time working together — which helped in making the tension and anticipation between them feel so authentic and exciting onscreen,“ he said. „And after fans see their volcanic performance, I have a feeling they’ll be requesting more pairings with these two in the future.”

„Inner Work“ is streaming on CarnalPlus.

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2023-05-24 15:12:51

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