Cole Blue, Cain Marko Star in Carnal Media’s ‚Getting Pumped‘

Cole Blue, Cain Marko Star in Carnal Media's 'Getting Pumped'

LOS ANGELES — Carnal Media exclusive Cole Blue stars with Cain Marko in the latest release from the studio’s TwinkTop imprint, titled „Getting Pumped.“

The vignette opens with coach Marko taking Blue’s training to another level with a brand-new penis pump.

„After he removed the pump, I felt like I had the biggest cock on the team,“ said Blue. „And it ached — Coach Marko was going to take the hardest pounding of his life.“

Carnal honcho Legrand Wolf enthused about his co-stars.

„Cole Blue is one of Carnal Plus’s most-wanted talents on the streaming platform — as is the six-foot-four Cain Marko — and the two of them together creates a crackling energy in each of their jaw-dropping scenes,“ he said. 

„Getting Pumped“ is streaming on TwinkTop.

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2023-02-28 18:23:08

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