CockyBoys Releases Final Scene From 'Happy Endings'

NEW YORK — CockyBoys has released the sixth and final scene from the Jake Jaxson-directed title, „Happy Endings.“

The scene features a six-man orgy starring CockyBoys exclusives Greyson Myles, Lane Colten, Trevor Brooks and Tristan Hunter, along with Cody Seiya and Shae Reynolds.

„Since we have been celebrating our 15-year anniversary, I originally wanted to make a feature that was a nod to some of the past films that have been a big part of our success over the years, like ‚The Haunting‘, ‚Answered Prayers‘, and ‚All Saints,'“ Jaxson said. „These were projects I loved making, and in many ways defined CockyBoys as a studio.“

The director went on to praise his cast.

„I did not realize how delightful it would be working with a completely new group of guys — all relatively new to the industry, none having performed in a studio feature before, but all completely committed and dedicated to doing their best,“ he said. „In the process, this cast delivered connected, sensual, and passionate performances that have exceeded all my expectations — I honesty could not be more happy and proud of what we made, and I feel confident in saying there is nothing like ‚Happy Endings‘ in the gay porn canon.“

All six scenes are streaming on CockyBoys. – Gay

2023-01-27 23:25:28

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