Circus of Books Retail Outlet Reopens Art Gallery

WEST HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — Gallery@Circus, the art gallery located within Circus of Books brick-and-mortar retail outlet in West Hollywood is hosting a pair of new exhibits.

„Gallery@Circus was conceived pre-COVID with the intention of creating a space that features the works of LGBT artists,“ a rep explained. „Seeing the shortage of galleries with this intention made expanding the [space] a must for Circus of Books.“

The new exhibits spotlight Jason Ebrahimi and Jeremy Lucido.

Ebrahimi is a London-born artist based in Toronto and has been a commissioned artist for nearly 20 years, having painted over 1,000 artworks for his clients.

„Jason’s works are vibrant and dynamic. His palette knife technique conveys a flare of spontaneity, texture and depth,“ the rep said. „For this exhibit, Jason wanted to prove to his audience that ‚irregular‘ geometric shapes, although harmoniously challenging, when formed correctly in an unconventional method can be magical.“

Lucido is an artist, photographer and zine publisher. „His work is celebrated and collected worldwide,“ noted the rep. „This photography series is intimate, understated and beautifully expresses Jeremy’s eye for the moment, for character and highly charged erotic figures.“

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Circus of Books recently earned a 2022 XBIZ Awards nomination for „Boutique Retailer of the Year.“

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