Carnal Media Launches Fantasy Role-Play Site MasonicBoys

Carnal Media Launches Fantasy Role-Play Site MasonicBoys

LOS ANGELES — Carnal Media is touting today’s launch of from co-creators Legrand Wolf and Jay Wolf, a fantasy role-play site whose aesthetic is rooted in the rich history of freemasonry.

The Wolfs, as a duo, first came to prominence in adult following the launch, and explosive growth, of the MormonBoyz property more than a decade ago, which they no longer manage.

“Freemasonry is the father of Mormonism. Indeed, modern Mormonism is entirely borrowed from other traditions, and is the somewhat boring version of its ancestral secret societies,“ Legrand Wolf explained. „MasonicBoys powerfully captures the eroticism of the older male-younger male dynamic.“

„The rites of passage are sexually charged and presented just as we originally produced them,“ he continued. „Because our original site ignored nearly all elements of corporate Mormonism and focused on its Masonic roots, the narrative and rituals on our relaunched site are the same. But now there’s an added layer because this element is richer and much older than Mormonism itself.“

“Our fans will instantly recognize our content from its aesthetic, the famous sets, the iconic wardrobe and the cast of models that made the site unforgettable, all now Carnal Media exclusives,“ he added.

In the world of MasonicBoys, noted a rep, hunky older men initiate innocent studpups „into the highest priesthood order through ordination by insemination.“

„Curious young men are shepherded through a mysterious underworld of ceremony and male camaraderie in the new site,“ the rep teased. „The traditions of obedience, loyalty and apprenticeship are given center focus as the wide-eyed initiates of a hidden fraternal order follow the words and actions of their older male superiors. The sexy daddies test their limits of submission, exposing them not only to the carefully guarded activities of the masons, but to their own lustful desires.“

„Legrand Wolf and his husband, ‚The Mormon Boys,‘ are proud to be back!“ the rep said.

The Carnal Media network was founded in 2018; MasonicBoys marks its 21st property and follows the recent launch of

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