Carnal Media Exclusive Tucker Barrett Leads Four-Way 'Double Feature'

MINNEAPOLIS — Carnal Media exclusive Tucker Barrett headlines a four-way hookup in „Tape 12,“ the latest entry in the company’s „Neighborhood Secrets“ series.

The installment also features Brian Bonds, Myott Hunter and Marcus Rivers.

A rep noted that Barrett and Rivers previously paired off in a series of „intense encounters,“ among them „Focus on Me,“ „Just You and Me,“ „Laundry Room Surprise,“ „Dream Boy“ and „Good Morning,“ while Bonds and Myott have explored their own „special connection“ in such vignettes as “Watching Home Movies,“ „Uncle’s Memorabilia“ and „Father’s Day Gift.“

The new orgy scene, titled „Double Feature,“ finds the four men seeking to revisit the bond they first explored in „More the Merrier.“

Carnal Media co-founder and CEO Legrand Wolf commented that the „Neighborhood Secrets“ series, which explores taboo fantasies, is highly  successful because „at the heart of its storylines are themes of deep connections, unbreakable bonds and a sense of belonging that come from being a part of both a community and a family.“

He added, „Spotlighting charismatic stars such as Tucker, Marcus, Brian and Myott certainly helps, too.“

The scene is streaming on Follow the studio and streaming network on Twitter. – Gay

2023-06-21 23:41:00

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