Austin Young Headlines 1st DVD Release From Carnal Media

MONTREAL — Carnal Media has announced the first DVD release under its own banner will hit the wholesale-retail market tomorrow. „The Boy Austin, Chapters 1-3“ spotlights exclusive performer Austin Young as he becomes the prized object of desire for a group of older, dominant men who vie for the sole attention of the sensuous young stud.

„With this release, we are out of the gate and off-and-running,“ said Tom Ford, public relations director for Carnal Media. „We have been working diligently with [studio owners] Legrand Wolf and his husband Jay on every aspect, from the content to the box cover artwork, to get everything finalized. Legrand and Jay have created bestselling gay adult DVD titles over the last five years, so our [team] could not be more pleased and excited that Carnal Media’s first DVD is ready to launch.“

Ford described Austin Young as „a small, lean guy with a true submissive’s heart. He plays a role that is a huge personal turn-on for him in this series. In his heart, he likes the idea that his place is at the foot of a master… [this] is the stuff of his personal erotic fantasies.“

„It’s a joy to work with models who love the fantasy stories we create and share,“ he added.

Click here for box art and additional details and follow the studio on Twitter.

In the pipeline from the Carnal Media label are „Fun Size Boys: Austin,“ featuring Young, set for release May 4, and „Gaycest: The Doctor’s Son,“ scheduled for May 25.

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