Alpha Studio Group Launches New Site 'Rod's Room'

LOS ANGELES — Alpha Studio Group has launched a new membership site, Rod’s Room, described as a „gonzo-POV hybrid style of gay porn.“

The combo photography and pornography studio was developed by Gamma Entertainment CCO Bree Mills with content shot by Michael Vegas.

„What a dream come true. Working with such a talented team closely on set and on the back-end has really helped me hone the concept and create the look I love,“ said Vegas. „Having top-level talent come to set and allow me to intimately interact with them during the photoshoots and sex scenes has been next-level awesome. I feel so honored that the talent feels comfortable enough to open up to me like this.“

All Rod’s Room scenes will focus on two performers with „the unscripted scenes promis[ing] to showcase candid, genuine connections between the stars enhanced through premium filming techniques and intimate shots,“ the rep said.

„It’s been such a joy to see ‚Rod’s Room‘ come to life over the course of the last year. What started as a very small idea for a pilot concept has truly taken on a life of its own,“ said Mills. „One of my motivations in this industry is to help talent find pathways and opportunities to showcase their art.“

Executive producer Jeremy Babcock touted the future of the site.

„We’re just getting started with Rod’s Room,“ he said. „Casting for this project has been a uniquely satisfying experience. Chemistry and raw sexual energy are key here. This is porn at its purest.“

The site launched with early VIP access this month; three scenes and three behind-the-scenes featurettes are available to view now.

Visit ‚Rod’s Room‘ online here and follow them on Twitter.

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