Alpha Studio Group Debuts Latest Feature 'Changes' on ASGMax Streaming Platform

LOS ANGELES — Alpha Studio Group will release the first installment of its latest feature, „Changes,“ from studio brand Next Door Films, on its new streaming platform ASGMax.

Directed by Jeremy Babcock, the feature stars studio exclusive Jayden Marcos along with Des Irez and Kane Fox.

The scene, titled „Moving Out,“ opens on Marcos „as he navigates his life after an unexpected hookup alters his perspective,“ said a rep. „Add to that the sudden news that long-time roommates Des Irez and Kane Fox are moving in a week, and poor Jayden is handling a lot of ‚Changes.'“

Babcock enthused about the shoot.

„This project was huge, and everyone on the team really brought their A-game to make it all happen,“ he said. „Jayden, Kane, and Des are so much fun to work with, and brought these characters to life. The cinematography from Big Mike and Conrad Parker is gorgeous and the whole film is so fun to watch from start to finish. So excited for people to see this whole film.“

Added Marcos, „Such a great time filming with Des and Kane. „The chemistry was unmatched! Next Door Studios always brings in such good energy, paired with an amazing team. Their ability to make incredible content like this while also making you feel like you’re part of a family is unmatched in my eyes.“

„Moving Out“ premieres tomorrow on ASGMax.

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2023-08-25 19:02:56

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