Adult Time’s Modern-Day Sins Makes New Year’s Debut

MONTREAL — Adult Time’s new all-inclusive studio imprint Modern-Day Sins made its debut on New Year’s Day featuring seven new anthology series based on each of the Seven Deadly Sins.

The complete collection is available to Adult Time members joining either through or any other Adult Time subscription.

„Cum Gluttons“ will explore „modern tales of decadence, filled to the brim with a plethora of cum- and squirt-swallowing, facials, snowballing and swapping, bukkakes and all manner of oral fixations that would make Freud blush,“ noted the rep. „Bon appetit.

„Proud Pervs“ is described as „an unabashed celebration of open exhibitionism, nudism, public sex, couple swapping and cuckolding for people who are unashamedly unapologetic about letting their sexual freak flag fly,“ while „Greedy Creampies“ offers the opportunity „savor the abundance of avarice, with load after load of creampies, double-creampies and pregnancy schemes from selfish sinners who aren’t afraid to get a little greedy,“ the rep teased.

„Mad Fuckers,“ the rep explained, is designed as „a love-hate letter to love-hate relationships; some like it hot, but rough sex, hate fucks, ripped clothes, spanking, toy play and consensual humiliation spice things up to more heat than most could handle,“ while „Lust Triangles“ will focus on „tales of entanglement when taking on two lovers for a perilous thrill. Sneaky sex, under-the-table and on-the-phone cheating, almost-caught themes and more keep tensions running high. Because everyone knows all the best things come in threes.“

Of the final two new series, „Idle Fantasies“ is a series that „fixates on gorgeous bodies frozen in all kinds of sexually compromising positions. Nighttime creeping, stuck incidents, bait-and-switches, voyeurism and more spark a one-sided attraction that leads to more modern tales of temptation and perversion,“ the rep said.

„Anal Envy“ gives viewers the opportunity to „sample sodomy firsthand, instead of watching and yearning as all the rest of the world enjoys it without you. Anal creampies, double-penetrations, double-anal, gaping and more await the envious — so why settle for being happy with what you have? The grass is greener on the other side, and we’re saving a spot for you,“ concluded the rep.

Directors set to participate include Ricky Greenwood and David Lord, production house Anatomik Media and Adult Time CCO Bree Mills.

„There’s never been a better reason to skip church,“ Adult Time Head of Pre-Production 3X West enthused.

“We’ll be releasing a new straight episode every Sunday, and some weeks there’ll be a second bonus release for another sexual preference — lesbian, trans, bisexual or gay,“ they said. „At Adult Time, we’re all about doing porn differently, and we are so excited for Modern-Day Sins to be our first all-inclusive studio with content for every demographic. I think it’s one of the first in the adult industry, in fact.“

„We’re very excited to introduce our new studio to so many diverse audiences at once,“ concluded West. „2022 truly marks a New Year, new site and new sins for porn fans.“

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